NUS Dean's List Recipient. This is awarded only to top 5% of NUS Electrical Engineering cohort with a Semester CAP of at least 4.5 out of 5.

Invited as Guest Speaker to give a motivational speech in North View Secondary School, my alma mater, to the graduating cohort of 2009

Featured in various newspapers for Special Achievement in year 2002 O-Level and year 2004 A-Level (Distinction in H2 Maths and H2 Physics Equivalent).

My academic story

I did not have excellent results when I was in primary school and certainly did not expect to be a tuition specialist. To begin with, my results were not excellent when I was in primary school. In fact I fared so badly that I did not pass single subjects and went into EM3 stream (the lowest stream in primary education). Nevertheless I did get into secondary school with a PSLE score of 114.

I managed to get a transfer from Normal Technical to Normal Academic (NA) stream in Secondary School. However, having the worst PSLE score among my peers, I finished last that academic year in the NA stream and repeated my secondary 1 education.

The additional year in Secondary 1 allowed me to settle down and make tremendous improvement to my grades. I topped the Normal Academic Stream and was promoted to an Express Class.

Adopting the correct study methods, I went on to excel in my O and A-Level and subsequent became one of the top student in NUS. Today I am a mentor providing guidance to batches of student in my H2 Maths and H2 Physics tuition class.


Last update: 05 FEB 2015
2015 H2 Maths Class

J2 Woodlands Classes: Sat 11am-1pm (1 Vacancy), Sun 1pm-3pm (2 Vacancy), Sat 3pm - 5pm (New).

J2 Orion Tuition Centre: Sun 6pm-8pm (2 Vacancy), Thursday 7pm - 9pm (New).

J1 Orion Tuition Centre: Sat 11am-1pm, Wednesday 4pm-6pm (New).

2015 J2 H2 Physics Class

J2 Woodlands Classes: Sat 1pm-3pm (2 Vacancy).

J1 Woodlands Classes: Sat 5pm- 7pm (New).

J2 Orion Tuition Centre: Friday 4pm-6pm.

Private Tuition/ H1 Maths and H1 Physics

Kindly contact me for detail of vacancy.